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Dr. Jennifer Pechal

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NameJennifer  Pechal
TitleAssistant Professor, Fixed Term

Staff Profile:

Dr. Pechal's research interests are focused on insect-microbe interactions and decomposition ecology. She is interested in the successional changes of microbial communities associated with insects (aquatic and terrestrial) based on functional and structural profiles. Specifically, identifying the microbial taxa from: 1) insects located in various habitats; 2) environmental/habitat samples associated with insects; and 3) decompositional processes of ephemeral resources in aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Identification of these microbial taxa using next generation sequencing allows for better understanding of microbial community interactions, the influence of microbes on insect community assemblages,microbe-insect interactions, and overall ecosystem dynamics. From an applied perspective, utilizing the molecular and physiological responses of the microbial communities is a novel concept being applied to carrion models in order to better elucidate species interactions of the necrobiome and mechanisms regulating decomposition. These insect-microbe interactions are key for better understand ecosystem functions.

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